The term personal branding has been thrown around so much lately that the idea alone can seem confusing or even mildly annoying. Before you tune it out completely, we’re here to give you a boiled down version of how it can apply to your business without taking up too much time.

Here goes… The whole idea is that you separate yourself from the pack and establish yourself as the authority in your field. Posting unique content online that’s relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach is the best way to get this going. Boost engagement even more with photos, graphics and, you guessed it, video.

Being that one of the most important piece of equipment for your personal branding success is just sitting there collecting lint in your pocket, we’ve decided to hook you up with a smartphone tripod stand so you can go all Hollywood at the drop of a dime.

Set this little tripod up anywhere and kick some knowledge to the interwebs.


  • Client success stories
  • Document events that you go to
  • Host a live Q&A on Facebook
  • Short and actionable industry insights